Thursday, March 19, 2015

Surreal Japanese restaurant

Revelers that go to Levels are bound to know where AMAZAKE is located.
Inside, the restaurant is chic and dreamy.

Assorted seared sashimi salad $138
This was a nice refreshing salad that had a lot of crunch.
Soft shell crab roll $98
The cucumber slices and the crispy soft shell crabs were a great pairing.
Amazake house roll $140
The house rolls were tasty with creamy urchin and fatty tuna on top with egg, cucumber and avocado in the middle.
River shrimps $68
They should have a picture for this because I thought they were just ordinary prawns but they turned out to be a surprise.
These cute river shrimps are deep fried which make them really tasty and crunchy with a little softness in the middle. 
Sweet potatoes $58

These sweet potato fries were my favourite. Each one was long and chunky, they were crispy outside and silky in the middle.
Charcoal grilled kagoshima pork belly $120
This is a popular dish with the locals because the pork belly is thick cut and comes with sweet mustard sauce.
Kagoshima wagyu kinoko mushroom $168
I am not keen on beef but the mushrooms in this dish were sweet with a lovely beefy taste.
Beef Korokke $88
Minced beef, assorted vegetables served with Japanese mayo, mustard and tonkatsu sauce

I don't like beef, but these were delicious because it was moist minced beef with carrots in the middle.
For some strange reason, they tasted like McDonald's hamburgers.
Assorted magic mushrooms $78
Slowed cooked with dashi, soy sauce, mirin and stir fried with olive oil
The mushrooms were addictive and tasty with a lovely mirin flavouring.
Butt, I love you $138
Thie fried rice was intriguing because it had foie gras and chicken butt, after asking the staff they said they wanted the rice to be heavy and greasy but luckily the chicken butt and foie gras are garnished on the side so the fried rice is not as greasy as you would expect.
Black sesame crème brulee $68
Not your usual creme brulee because it was sesame flavoured with a strong black sesame taste.
Yuzu cheesecake $68
 I was too full to try this.
Green tea panna cotta $68
The panna cotta was creamy but the green tea taste was not strong enough.

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