Thursday, November 19, 2015

A social place to gather for Italian food at 121BC

I have always wanted to dine here ever since I saw a photo of the green pea lasagna because I love lasagna and green peas.
The menu changes really often so you have to keep checking which is really difficult for me because I don’t know where the menu gets updated.
There is always a menu on the restaurant wall, but I find it intimidating to go there to see what is on the menu and leaving if it doesn't interest me.

Finally went here and tried the food.

They are currently doing a banquet denoted by the starred items on the menu that cost $450 per person.

We had a light dinner that night so here was what we had:
Vitello Tonnato:

The veal slices were a bit like pastrami but the taste was not as strong mixed with tuna puree.
Octopus, Squid Ink, Green Chilli, Crackling:
I loved this dish because the octopus was not chewy infused with a delicious squid ink taste.
Caramelised Lamb Ribs, Orange, Caraway:

The lamb was soft and came off the bone easily with a delicious sweet crispy coating.
Lasagna, Eggplant, Tomato, Smoked Scamorza:

A wholesome lasagna packed with delicious veggies.
Wagyu Skirt Steak, Radish, Bone Marrow Butter:

I loved this juicy steak paired with evilicious bone marrow butter and crunchy radish.
Zucchini, Pine Nuts, Ricotta Salata:
The julienne zucchini was refreshing and light flavoured by the pine nuts and cheese shavings.

The pieces of chunky pumpkin were sweet and mushy.
Stracciatella, Beetroot, Balsamic, Basil:
The beetroot dish was a bit too sharp for my liking and tasted like beetroot soaked in strong vinegar.
Pannacotta, Coffee Caramel, Almonds:
Chocolate and Hazelnut Cremoso, White Chocolate Crumble, Sea Salt:
Olive Oil Cake, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry, Candied Olives:
For desserts I liked the chocolate mousse which had a tad of sea salt in it and the olive oil cake had a strong orange peel taste but no olive oil could be tasted.

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