Monday, November 02, 2015

[Le Fournil] A nice bakery in Kowloon City

A breadwinner means a person who earns money to support the family which is similar to the ricebowl in Chinese which means income.
I like this place because their bread is a winner with a great smell and taste because they use French flour.

I was attracted to this place because of the Forever friends bear and the fact that they had a sweet potato flavoured macaron previously posted on their FB.

They are selling Forever Friends cookies and the British theme is my favourite because of the flavours, as well as cookie sets they have single flavours in store.Clearly, this is a popular bakery in Kowloon City because it was jam packed with people captivated by the pretty cakes.
There is a gelato cabinet with lots of captivating flavours such as Earl Grey, Pistachio, Fig, Balsamic, Basil etc.

I settled for some green tea cakes and some savory buns.
Although the cakes were good, I was impressed with the bakery because they were filled with lots of filling unlike other local brands and tasted superb as well.
Green tea with lychee:
Green tea opera:
A deliciously layered cake that is not too sweet flavoured by the green tea chocolate on top.
Mediterranean beef bun:

Again, this was crammed with so much beef and big cubes of beef which has a strong appetizing sundried tomato flavour.
[Le Fournil]
Shop 3, G/F, 49A-D Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City

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