Sunday, November 15, 2015

A cure for red eye at the Butchers club

I am not really a fan of beef burgers let alone beef but since this place has opened there are so many good comments so it must be good.
Till now I have still not tried their beef burger and the first burger I ate there was the vegetarian one which was pricey but delicious.

Went early for the bacon roll and there were some people filming there.

On the kitchen end, you can see each patty is weighed before it is cooked.

Bacon roll:

The bacon roll was not that impressive because I was expecting the bacon to be tastier but it wasn't.
Red eye reduction:

This was another reason for coming!!
The Red-Eye Reduction is from the secret menu and has a Beef patty, cheddar cheese, maple-glazed bacon, fried egg, hash brown, maple hollandaise sandwiched between French toast buns.

I liked hash brown and the French toast tasted like American pancakes but this was extremely messy and a challenge to eat it with just bare hands.
Anyway, the star of the show was the beef patty and it did not disappoint because the beef had a velvety texture like sweetbread and it was lean but tender.
The Butchers Club Burger:
112-114 Wellington Street,

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