Friday, November 13, 2015

Fish burgers, now Fish Dog!

Who said sausages had to be beef, pork or chicken?
At ICONIC H, they have this sausage made of SALMON!

I tried two starting with a plain one so that I could taste the sausage properly.
Salmon dog with mustard:

This was just the salmon sausage with mustard.

The mustard and salmon tasted great together and the fish sausage was really interesting because there was mashed fish in it and the sausage casing was made of a vegetarian casing.

Salmon Addiction hotdog:

The Salmon Addiction hotdog is a Salmon sausage topped with Mentaiko Egg and Mayo.

The egg was beautifully done, it was almost like a liquid omelette which acted like a sauce for the hotdog.
Both were delicious so it is hard to say which one I liked more.
Apple drink:

The fizzy apple tasted natrual just like appletiser which is not too sweet.
Shop 106A, Whampoa Building C Block, 97 Baker Street Hung Hom Hong Kong

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