Friday, November 06, 2015

[LoYe DimSum] DimSum just like China Town

Although Hong Kong is famous for dimsum, a good majority are not as good as the dimsums in UK because the dumpling skin is weak, the quality of the fillings are not fresh and they are oily and spiked with too much MSG.
I was attracted to this place because one of the reviews showed these cute dimsums and I don’t mind paying more if it is good.
They offer traditional dimsums as well but I was more interested in the modern dimsums.
The restaurant décor was really nice, it had a Western Oriental touch to it with nice wallpapers and window frames.

Visible kitchen:

Nice chopsticks and bowls:

They were playing old Chinese music that people listen to in the UK.

Tried both the traditional and modern dimsum and personally I liked the modern whereas the traditional dimsums are more suited to local tastes.
I think expats will like this place but a better English menu is needed.

Here was what we had:
Black pepper wagyu puffs:

Light and delicate pastry filled with beef in rich black pepper gravy.
Goldfish dumplings:

Flawless prawn dumplings.


These were buns with a cavity in the middle when you turn them over to put the delicious spicy and salty pickles in the middle.

Crispy duck English style:

This is how duck is served in UK, the duck is fried but it is still soft and silky in the middle with crispy skin on the outside.
Overall, it was nice but it would be perfect if they came with pancakes.
Ironically, Charlie's place a few doors away also had this duck but the owners have gone back to UK and now this place has popped up.
Black and white prawn toast:

Creative prawn toasts with the use of black and white sesame together but I wasn't keen because there was processed cheese in the middle.
Black garlic and spring onion oil fried rice:

When it came, it looked like green tea fried rice with red beans but it was actually grounded spring onion that gave it the green colour with pieces of black garlic.
The taste was interesting because it reminded me of the spring onion and ginger oil that you get with roast chicken.
Crispy pork knuckle:

A nice pork knuckle with crispy skin and pork that was not too salty.
Beef Short Rib:
Custard dumplings:

Sago dumplings filled with custard.
I can't wait to come again for dimsum and duck.

[LoYe DimSum 老爺點心]
Man Hee Mansion, 4 Landale St, Wan Chai
Phone: 2328 8938

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