Monday, November 16, 2015

Zumufi pronounced Hongkie style

This relaxing joint caught my eye because it stood out amongst the market and jewelry wholesalers on Wing Kut Street.

They basically serve smoothies and Paninis.
Their name ZUMUFI which is rather cool and pronounced Zuuu Moooo Feeee if you pronounce it with a Hongkie accent!!

For me it reminded me of Smurfs because of the spelling.
When you order a drink they will ask for your name and write it on the tag and attach it to your drink when it is ready to avoid confusion with other customers.
Unwanted tags can be placed in the glass bowl where they donate $1 to charity for every tag returned.

There were two series for the smoothie Zumufi and Zumufi+
The plus series contain more superfood ingredients and they do not use milk in any of their smoothies.
In the end I went for the Skin+ and Detox+
I chose the Skin because I like avocados and the Detox+ because of kale and cilantro.

As expected I really liked this because it was sweet and natural with blended avocados and you could also taste the orange juice and bananas as well.

The detox tasted stronger compared to the Skin+ but the watermelon taste was strong.
Panini: Ham & Cheese

When it comes it doesn’t look like a ham and cheese panini because all you see is spinach leaves but after you take a bite you will realize that you can still taste the cheese and ham.
I really liked it because of all that spinach and the fact that it only costs $29 with decent cheese and ham which wins the paninis at Starbucks or Pacific coffee!
Shop D, G/F, Willy Commercial Building, 28-36 Wing Kut Street Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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