Monday, November 09, 2015

[Casa Lisboa Portuguese Restaurant & Bar] Goose barnacles delight

Having been impressed on the first visit, I knew the food was going to be good again.

The stars of the show were goose barnacles, which are prized and rare. I know you can get them in Hong Kong once in a blue moon but Chinese restaurants probably don’t clean them as thoroughly as they should.

We first started off with this new seafood platter with seafood flown from Portugal followed by other Portuguese dishes.
Portuguese seafood Platter:
The seafood platter comes with a bottle of wine for $1980 that is sufficient for four people.

There were:
Portuguese Small tiger shrimps
Portuguese White shrimps
Portuguese Giant red prawns
Portuguese scampi
Portuguese spider crabs
Portuguese goose barnacles

It was really good because I liked all of them especially the small tiger shrimps, Griant red prawns and the goose barnacles, but personally I would prefer them without the seasoning because they are fresh and the seasoning was a bit too overpowering.

The goose barnacles look weird like dog paws and armadillo feet.

I didn't know how to eat them at first but you peel off the layer above the shell and bite the long tubular bit off.

Basically I loved them because they taste like sweet blood cockles without the metallic taste and they are clean since 100% of the flesh is encased inside that armadillo skin membrane so there is no sand and you are less likely to get food poisoning like you do from cockles.

Stuffed portobello mushroom with spinach and bechamel:

Next we had the portobello mushroom which was juicy stuffed with creamy spinach.

Mixed vegetable tempura with mustard sauce:

I thought it was weird there was Japanese tempura on the menu but the Chef said it was Portuguese.
Anyway, being curious I also googled it and it really is Portuguese.
It was crispy thin slices of Carrot, aubergine and zucchini which were indeed good in simple batter.

sauteed baby squids in casa liboa style:

The baby squids were quite nice because you can taste the freshness but they are slightly spicy which makes them appetizing.

Pan-seared red mullet fillet with shrimp and clam rice:

I love rice and each grain of rice was tasty because it has absorbed the sauce which gives it a nice savory taste.


Baked salted bacalhau with corn crumble and spinach and rustic potatoes:

It looked like an apple crumble so you can think of it as a fish crumble with potato chunks at the bottom topped with delicious chunks of salted bacalhau that are firm but flakey.

Lamb rack with herbs and rustic potatoes:

I was quite full so I didn't really try.

Pineapple carpaccio Madeira way with lemon sorbet:

For dessert we had pineapple carpaccio which was refreshingly paired with tart sorbet.


Chocolate and vanilla slice:

This was a nice dessert, i liked the chocolate fondant on top and the vanilla filling in the middle.
[Casa Lisboa Portuguese Restaurant & Bar ]
2/F, Parekh House, 63 Wyndham Street, Central

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