Sunday, November 01, 2015

Chip In Fish & Chips Bistro (Kowloon City) - Back for pukka pies

I know I have commented on this place more than once but I dine here because they serve British food just like The Cabin.

You will only find me commenting more than once if it serves British food which is my comfort food.

Finally had the cheese and onion pukka pie because it was sold out last time.

The pie came with mash drizzled with Bisto gravy and spring onions, sweetcorn.

At first I was a bit annoyed with the ketchup but it turned out quite nice because they don't use Chinese ketchup which is sweet and weird.

Next the mash was good because it was bisto gravy and the spring onions gave it a nice grassy taste.

Last but not least was my delicious pie which I left last to eat because it is my favourite.
The pie was really crispy with molten cheesy filling with a hint of paprika.

Sadly this branched has closed but the branch in Sai Kung still remains.

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