Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dining in a modern art filled room

The Popsy Room in Sheung Wan is a small gallery for artists to exhibit their art with a space for dining but now there is a bigger and better place at the Popsy Modern Kitchen for more people to dine there and appreciate the exhibit.

I loved the décor because it was sparkly and glistening and they had these huge acrylic spheres and flowers.

For me, I was just mesmerized by the sparkling décor because we were in the room in the corner that was decorated with white and silver elements, which I just love.
In the main room, there were portraits of local celebrities with threatened animals shot in Africa by Sean Lee Davies with a message to protect endangered animals.

The menu was quite good and offers more choices than the Popsy room with beautifully illustrated pages and I love the way the drinks are called Poptails.

For dinner,  here was what we had:

Started off with a strong macho drink infused with chili, rosemary garnished with floating blueberries followed by some bread and butter.

Then we had bread:

Crispy volcano egg:
Started with this colourful dish with a molten egg on a bed of asparagus puree and chopped mushrooms.
The egg was wrapped in this delicious wafer thin crispy parsley sheet and garnished with strands of fried purple potato, which looked like silk.
I liked the simple flavours because you can taste each of the elements, which don’t really need any special sauces.
Scampi in the clouds:
Next we had the angel hair which was beautifully laid on the plate. It looked like a small portion but there was quite a fair bit of pasta in it.
The angel hair was very creamy and I felt that a little more salt or sea urchin flavour was needed but the crayfish balanced it nicely.
Roast Angus beef tenderloin:

A nice juicy tenderloin paired with filling risotto that was not too creamy.
For dessert we had the Earl Grey Disco.

A delicious earl grey and chocolate mousse paired with rich red berries.

Popsy Modern Kitchen:
5/F Wellington

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