Sunday, November 01, 2015

[Emack & Bolio's] How many scoops of icecream can you handle

A famous icecream connoisseur has hit HK and obvously popular with never ending queues day and night.

There are so many flavours of icecream and cones to choose from.

As well as icecream they have SWEET TREATS to satisfy chocolate cravings.

The record number of scoops is TEN but I decided to have THREE.

Top scoop: deep purple cow = blackberry, black and white chocolate
Middle scoop: Serious chocolate addition -  chocolate and chocolate sauce
Bottom scoop: Cake batter

Only took two photos because it was dripping and the strong forces of gravity were attacking it.
The icecream was sweet and thick with chunks of chocolate in it and gooey sweetness.

Anyway, I will be back again to try other flavours.
[Emack & Bolio's]
G/F, 26 Cochrane Street, Central

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