Saturday, November 14, 2015

Liangpis and Roujiamas at Chang'An Taste

Tried this before at the Hung Hom branch which was not good because the Original roujiama I had was tasteless and dripping with oil.
It did not have cumin and spices that I was expecting.

When I found out that they had opened a second branch in Hong Kong, I decided to give it a visit because of the liangpi.

This time I had the beef and cumin roujiama, chicken roujiama and the liangpi.

There are two types of liangpis, one is soft and one is hard, but both evidently look and taste like Cantonese Chinese flat rice noodles (hor fun)

beef and cumin roujiama:

This was filled with juicy lean slices of beef with green peppers, cumin and chili.
A very tasty pairing of spicy chili and beef in a flavourful gravy.
chicken roujiama:

This was spicy and sweet but the sweetness was not annoying.
Original liangpi (dry):

Basically the tub of vinegar and red oil were the sauces that made the liangpi come alive.

The liangpi was very appetizing with a vinegary taste and touch of cumin.
Original liangpi with sesame sauce :

The sesame sauce was really pale and beige which looked similar to Tahini but the taste was too heavy and thick that I didn’t like it.
Chang'An Taste:
G/F., 406D Des Voeux Road West

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