Monday, November 02, 2015

[Appolo] Uji matcha froyo

I love Appolo's frozen yoghurt because it is the mother of all froyos in Hong Kong before the Froyo trend and it tastes natrual.
Went here because I was having dinner nearby and discovered that they had this uji matcha froyo which sounds good as you don't often find any froyo that is matcha flavoured.

As well as uji matcha, they also had this new Hokkaido vanilla flavour but you can't try them.

I was told that it was froyo mixed with uji matcha powder.

Anyway, the woman there was a bit grumpy so it was hard asking her about the different flavours.

There was some free strawberry yoghurt at the bottom from the last order.

As for the uji matcha, it was quite nice but a bit too sweet which overpowered the yoghurt flavour and the uji matcha flavour was quite strong with hard starchy bits of red beans in it.

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