Sunday, November 01, 2015

[匯一小廚] Shanghainese grub in Sheung wan

At first I didn't know this place served Shanghainese food because the green characters looked Vietnamese style.

It didn't appeal to me at first because I didn't know they had rice dishes not shown on the menu outside.

Anyway, randomly tried this place because my friends were in the area and discovered they had other dishes as well as noodles.

One of the waitors was amusing because he yawns all the time loudly!
The place was a bit old and grubby.

Anyway the food was ok, you get soup and two bowls of rice.

The tofu was good even though it was the cheapest ingredient they had because the gravy was light but tasty.

The sweet and sour fish was a bit too sweet.

The noodles were disappointing because they looked delicious but it had a strong akaline taste and the salted meat came with cubes of fat which I threw away but the meat itself was nice and salty.

G/F, 91 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan

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