Monday, February 10, 2014

New Indian restaurant on the corner

Daju-Bhai Restaurant & Bar (Wan Chai)

Tried this restaurant because it was newly listed on OpenRice.
It used to be a Nepalese restaurant which was not so nicely decorated.

Inside it was brightly lit and comfortable.

They were serving set lunches for $63 and there is no service charge.

Lunch selection was a bit basic, it was chicken curry, pork curry, vegetable curry, fish curry and mutton curry.

Rice/Naan and drink was included.

Tea was the first to arrive and I did not like it because it had a strong cinnamon taste.
Samosa with mint sauce:

This came as a surprise because it was not listed in the set.
The taste was really nice because it had peas and potatoes inside were heavily spiced with cumin and the mint sauce was refreshing with a hint of sour cream and yoghurt.
Mushroom mutter curry with rice:

The curry was a little disappointing because it was not heavily spiced and it tasted like korma.
All the curries served at lunch seemed to be the same except that it had different meats in it.
Daju-Bhai Restaurant & Bar (Wan Chai)
Price: $63
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Napkins provided: no
Portion sizes: reasonable
Noise levels: None
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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