Friday, February 28, 2014

Experience Olde Hong Kong in Sai Kung

As you know, it's a sin for me to dine in Sai Kung because it is mainly Chinese food that is not up to scratch or the type that I like.
If I do dine in Sai Kung, it is only for Western food!

I dined at Olde Hong Kong Tea House because it was special.

The decor was different and the dishes they served were worth trying.

The glasses they used had an interesting bubble at the bottom.

In the afternoon, they serve Chinese high tea sets!!

The menu is beautifully designed illustrating that old Hong Kong touch!

Lunch is from 12-4pm which is good for late people.

The food choices were classic and interesting if you check the Chinese version for:
-country duck meat fettuccine
-braised chicken noodles in soy sauce
-Traditional style baked fish intestines in custard

Here were the dishes I ordered:
Mixed mushrooms casserole rice:
(yuen jup gau goo boot jai faan)

I ordered this because the name was funny, it was called boot jai faan ie served in a bowl!
It was a great filling and meatless dish of mixed mushrooms in light gravy paired with piping hot rice beneath it.
Uncut bbq pork with rice:
The pork they serve for BBQ pork is different from other places because they use a different cut of pork called 梅頭肉.
It was hard googling the English for 梅頭肉 so I gave up.

It was a juicy slice of pork which had a texture similar to pork neck meat without being too fat.
The texture was springy and it was covered in light gravy that was heavily infused with Shaoxing wine.

Olde Hong Kong Tea Cafe (Sai Kung)
Price: $2XX
Service: good
Service charge: 10%
Yummy factor: good
Portion sizes: big
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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