Thursday, February 06, 2014

There has been some improvement at Amazing Food

On my previous review, I was annoyed with their PFC boxes because you can literally taste it in the food.
Gave it another try and it was good that they have used different PFC boxes because the food does not taste of PFC which makes it a tad healthier.

beef patty with egg:

I don't think the beef patty was 100% beef and the pink colour looked like it was raw.
It appears that there is a lot of flour and soda powder mixed in because the texture is very elastic and soft, and the pinkness is probably due to the soda powder.
To be honest, it did not taste like beef or have any beef taste.
There were lots of chopped parsley in it but I could not taste it.
The egg fared better because the egg yolk was partly runny inside and the rice was a little bit too hard but tasted good with the sweetness of the soy sauce.
In terms of portion, it was quite small because it was steamed in a ceramic bowl and then put in the box when you order it.
Amazing Food (Wan Chai)
Price: $2X
Service: OK
Yummy factor: Could be better
MSG levels: slight
Portion sizes: small
English Menu: no

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