Monday, February 03, 2014


Honeymoon Dessert has always been a no go zone for me because their desserts were old school style and traditional served in their signiature yellow square bowls.

Basically, I don't like sweet soups, walnut purees, red beans desserts, mango desserts, dumplings so what else can I order.

The only time I tried was at their MOONnHONEY store which is a modern version of Honeymoon Dessert at Mong Kok East Station.


What made me walk into Honeymoon Dessert was their new Strawberry series.
I always have strawberry dessert at Chung's in Po Lam, now available at Aunt Sweeties in Tin Hau too.

It was nice to see Honeymoon Dessert breaking off from the traditional and serving new desserts in chic glasses and not the boring square signature yellow bowls.

I was impressed with the design of the red packets too, they used strawberries and kiwis on it.

I tried three out of five in the Strawberry series.
Strawberry mochi:

The strawberry mochi was a little disappointing because the mochi skin was really thick and the brown filling which I thought was chocolate was actually red bean.

To be honest, I think chocolate filling and strawberry would be a better pairing.
Strawberry tofu:

The strawberry tofu was gorgeous, it had ice crystals in the sauce which is cooling and melts when you eat it.

The strawberry icecream in the middle tasted like strawberry yoplait yoghurt.
It is probably made by the Honeymoon dessert factory because it does not taste like any other brand of icecream.

The tofu was really silky but I felt that the tofu taste was not strong enough and the colour of the strawberry sauce was a bit too vibrant.
Strawberry sago:

This was similar to the tofu but it had sago instead.

At first it tasted a bit sweet but after mixing it the sweetness was just right.

Again, I loved the ice crystals in the dessert but the sago was too soft.
The taste of the strawberry sauce and fresh diced strawberries went well with the sago but again the colour was a bit too pink.
Grass jelly, durian in vanilla sauce

Tried this because I liked the vanilla sauce, grass jelly and durian. This is probably the most traditional dessert I would ever try at Honeymoon dessert.
I liked the scoop of durian meat in the middle and the grass jelly tasted good with vanilla sauce which is better than condensed milk served at other local desserteries.
Overall, the experience was good and I liked the way they gave you a plastic spoon as well as a metal spoon because it made it easier to enjoy the desserts.
Price: $1xx
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
Sweetness levels: just right
Glass of water provided: No
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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