Monday, February 10, 2014

Spinach aloe noodles!!!

+++Thanks to Mungkeikei for adding this restaurant to Openrice because I tried to add it in January and it got rejected so I was not going bother, but Mungkeikei insisted so I am not going to waste her efforts and post this review asap+++

I was late and not intending to have lunch, but this noodle joint was new so decided to dine here anyway even though I was late..

[It was amusing how the two people are looking at each other below!!]

To be honest there are many ramen joints about but I was attracted here because they had SPINACH ALOE RAMEN. (I wonder if there really is any aloe in it and how the texture of the noodles would turn out.)

Another interesting item was pot stickers with Iberian pork which is another trend.
Lately I've seen Iberian croquettes and fried Iberian intestines at other places!!

Went in and the restaurant was pretty empty and the decor was nice and modern with crystal chandeliers, white tables and chairs with magenta pink sofas.

The menu was simple, you just tick what you want and they had Vanilla chicken wings!!


Spinach aloe ramen with soft pork cartilage $48:

Compared to their other ramen, the strands of ramen were flat and extremely slippery.
They kept slipping from the chopsticks when I tried to pick them up.
Initially they were hard at first but then they softened up.
The noodles were flavoured by the salty broth which had no pork bone taste and I could not taste any spinach or aloe in it.
The soft pork cartilage was nice but only the middle part was soft and the meat was a bit tough and dry on the edges.

Ramen with Iberian pork and chives dumpling and roast pork $33:

Came here for tea because it was only $33 including a drink and you could choose two items.
The ramen was boring compared to the spinach and the dumpling had a nice balance of chives and pork.
Again if it was not for the menu, you wouldn't really know its Iberian pork in the dumplings.
Taste Good (Wan Chai)
Price: $8X
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
Napkins provided: yes
Toilets: no
Portion sizes: reasonable
Glass of water provided: yes
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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