Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I have always wanted to try this place because they seem to serve the food I like.
Heirloom Eatery & More is located on Hollywood Road near these funeral services, hence the sightings of Chinese Hearses parked nearby.

Chinese Hearse's are different to Western ones which are black and the Chinese ones are metallic blue.

Anyway, the restaurant environment is nice with the sun shining through, there is a bar table in the middle if you don't get a table seat.

There is seating upstairs as well.

The toilet which I did not check out is really nicely decorated according to the reviews.

Torta Bien Rica $90:

This was a toasted baguette filled with black beans, avocado, sour cream, tomato and jalapeno chili served with Sweet potato fries.
Not many places serve sweet potato fries which is one of the reasons to dine here.
Sweet potato fries are a popular thing in North America.
I loved the baguette because it was crusty and yeasty packed with so many flavours from the creamy avocado, tangy tomato and sour cream and the kick from the jalapeno chilis.
The black beans were mashed which mixed well with the other ingredients.
Finally the sweet potato fries were interesting because they were savoury and sweet.
For people who claim charity expenses on their tax bill, they should check their receipts because there is a compulsory $1 that goes to Hagar International Charity.
To be honest it should be made visible.

According to the Hagar International Charity website it says:
Heirloom joins Hagar in recognizing the important role that the food & beverage industry plays in economically empowering Hagar’s clients through education, on-the-job training, and career progression opportunities.
At Heirloom, customers now have the option of adding HK$1 to their meal, which will directly benefit Hagar International.
I was NOT given AN OPTION nor was I informed when I paid!!

Heirloom Eatery & More (Sheung Wan)
Price: $100
Service: OK
Service charge: 10%
Yummy factor: Delicious
Napkins provided: yes
Toilets: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
Glass of water provided: yes

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