Friday, February 28, 2014

Queen of canned herbal jelly

There are so many dessert places in tin hau, but only came here because the traffic lights turn green so I could cross the road.

It was also empty which was another factor I tried it.

Basically, there was a menu with pictures and another black and white one which has the prices.

I picked the tofu princess which had tofu and banana according to the picture.
Ordered the dessert and the cocky snappy waitress asked for the money right away.

I wonder if this attitude is related to some robbery case last year which involved one of their staff taking the cash and doing a runner!
So they ensure their revenue by taking payment asap and locking it up tightly.

Tofu princess $40:

Evidently canned grass jelly because they were unevenly cut and the coconut milk was too sweet.
The only fresh ingredient were the banana slices.
Definitely not worth $40, at other desserteries you can get much better desserts for $40.
The tofu was disappointing, it was just sweet tofu pudding!
While I was there, one of the customers were choking and asked for tissue and the staff pretended not to hear the pleas, so the customers left angrily after eating.

Tin Hau Dessert (Tin Hau)
Price: $40
Service: shit
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: crap
Sweetness levels: too sweet
Napkins provided: no
Air Conditioning: Yes

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