Friday, February 28, 2014

Sweet Crispy Lemon chicken

Although I love fried chicken, the quality of KFC in Hong Kong is not consistent.
The quality of fried chicken can be good or bad.

I risked it this time because of this new Lemon Chicken flavour.

The design of the box was quite nice.
Fried chicken:
Just judging the fried chicken, the quality was quite good this time because the coating was golden and the skin was firmly attached and not shrivelled up.
It was lovely, soft and juicy this time..

The chicken comes with a side of lemon sauce.

The lemon sauce was gooey and not two sweet with a slight bitterness and mild lemon taste.

Dipping the chicken in this sauce was perfect resulting in a sweet tangy tone.
I definitely want this again but I hope the chicken will be fried as good as this.
Price: $29
Service: OK
Yummy factor: ok
MSG levels: slight
Napkins provided: yes
English Menu: Yes

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