Thursday, February 06, 2014

I love this vegetarian place

Veggie spinner (Tai Hang)

Ever since it was opened I have always wanted to go, but since there were no reviews I didn't know what type of vegetarian food they served.

After seeing the first review by Spicygal I made up my mind to go.

It is located in Tai Hang which is not that far from Tin Hau MTR.

It was a small modern cozy joint with wooden tables and benches.

The menu was simplistic serving wraps and burgers.

I had the Turkish wrap (lavish roll) but as I was still hungry I ordered the burger as well.
The combo comes with wedges which I didn't want to order initially because I thought they were going to be deep fried, but they were baked which were healthier than I thought.

The prices were quite reasonable compared to other vegetarian places.

I am glad there is finally a good place for REAL vegetarian food with real vegetables and not man-made substitutes called "c u tmr" a term known to the vegetarian world meaning you see it again how you ate it (ie not digested).

So here was what I ordered.

Fiji apple juice:

The apple juice was extracted using a hirum slow juice extractor which retains natural flavor, color, and nutrients of the apple.
It looked like orange juice when it was brought over.
The taste was really sweet which I did not like but they told me they used Fiji apples which are really sweet and golden in colour.
Veggie burger with potato wedges:

Inside the burger, there was Halloumi cheese, organic tofu, grilled mushroom and grilled vegetables.

The bun they used for the burger was delicious because it was a wheat burger that had such a nice taste after it was toasted giving it a crispy touch.
Every element in the burger was vital, the halloumi cheese gave it some saltiness, while the mushroom gave it a meaty and earthy taste, and the tofu which had strong soy bean taste gives you protein as well.

Every bite of the burger was amazing packed with sweet grilled pumpkins, aubergines flavoured by the cheese, tofu and mushroom.
As for the potato wedges they were baked and non oily. It came with their homemade ketchup which flavoured it nicely.
Irish moss and cucumber salad:

Came here on another visit for this salad, I loved the cucumber and Irish moss which is rich in collagen but I did not like the dressing because it was balsamic vinegar which I found too sweet.
Lavash D Roll:

Inside the roll there was omelette, fried onions, roasted potato wedges and lettuce.

The roll was really good because the potato wedges made it feel filling whilst the omelette and vegetables complemented each other nicely with the ketchup sauce.
Again, I liked this roll because you can see pure vegetables and just homemade ketchup to give it flavour.

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