Monday, February 03, 2014

Maxim's Love Story 2014

Maxim's Cake Shop (Central)
Thanks to Maxim's for sending me some of their Valentines cake to try.

Rose Garden $128:

This was a Pretty cake with rose patterned cream on the outside with three layers of different pink coloured cream.

They give you raspberry crunchies and chocolate hearts so that you decorate the cake how you want.

Beneath the cream is strawberry sponge and pieces of strawberry in it.

It was a nice soft cake with lots of velvety cream complemented by chunky raspberry crunchies that was not too sweet.

For those who can read Chinese:

Our Love Story $78:

The packaging is really pretty and has two cakes inside:
It would be a nice surprise as the cakes are discreetly disguised in the box.

Strawberry mousse cake with strawberry jelly topped with three fresh raspberries.

Chocolate mousse cake with crispy chocolate inside.
As a girl, I liked the strawberry mousse cake because of the raspberries on top and the strawberry jelly in the middle in light strawberry mousse.

The chocolate was stronger and quite rich which would suitable for guys too and girls with a sweet tooth.

Again, more description in Chinese if you read Chinese.


They also have other cakes in the series for Valentines day.

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