Friday, February 21, 2014


Champ Hot Pot (Tsim Sha Tsui)
Thanks to KC for treating us to a Hotpot!
Honestly, I was so honoured to be invited.
It was not just dinner, but we learnt so much from him.

Hotpot reviews are difficult to comment because it all depends on the broth and what they have on the menu to dunk in the pot.

The broth here was really cool, it was a whole chicken on top of a wintermelon, beneath the wintermelon there were cordecep flowers which is named similar to cordeceps but they are not cordeceps.

The broth was really good and we picked some pretty cool stuff too!
The scallops were for the hotpot, fresh and sweet, but don't put them in for too long because they will turn chewy.

Then there were beef balls which I was not keen but they were surprisingly nice, they were elastic with a strong beef taste.

Then the squid balls were impressive because it had salted egg yolk inside giving it extra flavour.

Pig's liver is my favourite but I never know when it is cooked properly, but KC showed us the signs to look for when its cooked.
Here the liver done by KC!
Yummy of course, just like the ones at Wai Kee, velvety and springy.

The FRESH fish gas bladder was a rare item, I've never seen it offered at other hotpots.
They were so fresh that they had a pearlescent pink colour.
I loved the gelatin sticky texture.

We also ordered my favourite beehive tofu which was very porous and absorbs lots of broth without over powering the strong soybean taste.

There were two types of dumplings: pork and foie gras.
I was not keen on the pork because it had pieces of fat in it but its meant to be normal.
The foie gras one fared better because it had pieces of water chestnut in it which gave it a sweet tone.

Most people have probably burnt their tongues by the end because hotpot food is hot, so I was glad they had icecream sandwiches to sooth the tongue.

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