Saturday, February 01, 2014

Going to Macau on TurboJET's Premier Grand Class

On this trip to Macau, I decided to have a luxurious trip by travelling on TurboJET's Premier Grand Class.
There are selected travelling times because the TurboJETs have to be equipped with meal stations and VIP cabins.

There is a TurboJET Premier Lounge in Hong Kong where you can relax and have access to WIFI with drinks and snacks but unfortunately on my trip to Macau I did not find this lounge.

I ended up waiting in the Premier Grand Class waiting lounge near the boarding area.
(photo taken inside the lounge hence the reversed wording!!)

The lounge has two areas, one for the Superclass ticket holders and the other lounge for the Premier Grand Class.
The Premier Grand Class has red carpets and white leather sofas and you are given a bottle of water when you arrive. 
There is a water dispenser at the Superclass lounge.

Video of the Premier Grand Class waiting lounge:
At the time of filming I was disappointed because I did not know there were two lounges.

I loved the lounge because the TurboJET staff will assist you in boarding where the Premier Grand Class passengers board last, it was fun skipping the queues to the TurboJET.
Premier Grand Class passengers are seated at the front with a full view of the sea and close to the magazine rack.

Video on board the TurboJET:

There is a VIP cabin too which I would love to try next time.
They bring you the latest newspapers to read.
At the front, there are magazines.
 Video of the magazines.

For people who have to be online, they provide you with an exclusive WIFI too.
Shortly you are served your meals, on this journey I had Breakfast.
 The breakfast was lovely especially the scrambled eggs and croissant.
After breakfast you are served drinks with chocolate nibbles.
Food and drinks menu:

Within a flash, you are in MACAU. 
I felt so privileged being a Premier Grand Class passenger because you get to leave first.
In the monetary world Time is money and Money is Time!!

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