Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy dining at Namkee hAppy

Namkee h (Central)
As soon as I read the reviews I decided to go but as it was just opened I went at the wrong time so it was closed.

I loved the decor and the chalk writings.

Most importantly, I loved their emphasis on the h, h for happy and h for healthy.

I used to go their other Namkee H branch down the road but since it was relocated I did not know about this branch until I read Ivy's review.

This was one of the tastings I really liked because there were a lot of vegetarian food, I am not a vegetarian but I love to share it with other vegetarians because there are not many healthy vegetarian options around.

At the back of the menu, there is a page with all the different toppings you can choose for the noodles, a great majority are vegetarian!

The great thing about Namkee H are the choice of noodles, you are not limited to choosing thick rice noodles (maie-seen). They have soba and Cambodian noodles to choose from .
Vegetarian curry fish balls:

You can't really taste the difference but there are some tell tale signs that they are vegetarian because they have this unique sweetness and unique texture which is similar to konjac.
Other than that, these vegetarian fishballs are gorgeous in a mildly spicy curry sauce.
Marinated chicken wings with stuffed fresh orange meat:

I loved these chicken wings, they were so refreshing and creative.
Normally they are stuffed with minced pork which I do not really like.
Oranges are so much fun and juicy when you eat them!
Platter - Deep fried tofu balls with parsley and Deep fried chinese yam with goji berry:

The tofu balls were my favourite and I used to order them at their other branch.
It will filled with mashed tofu that had a strong tofu taste flavoured with pieces of parsley.
As for the Chinese yam croquette, it was lighter in taste with some crunchy texture, but I preferred the tofu croquette.
Porcini mushroom dumplings with asparagus and noodles:

This was a light bowl of noodles and the soup was clear and sweet.
There were three filling dumplings which had fragrant earthy porcini mushrooms and vegetarian meat which had a woody rich taste.

The Laksa was quite spicy but I loved the egg because the size of the egg was not too big yet the yolk was relatively big.
I loved the vegetarian prawns.
Vietnamese Pho:

Simple vegetarian Vietnamese noodles that will not disappoint because it has Vegetarian Vietnamese sausage which tastes just like the meat version.
There were also sweet Chinese radishes too and the broth was heavily flavoured with basil.
Tomato soup:

The appearance of this was similar to the Vietnamese one but it was beef broth with lemongrass with a piece of pork chop and Cambodian noodles.
The broth had a heavy lemongrass taste and because of the pork chop, it was really similar to the noodles you get in Vietnamese joints.
Strawberry ginger smoothie:

Ginger root, strawberry, banana and orange juice.
A refreshing drink because strawberry and orange pair together well complimented with a gentle kick of ginger.
Tropical breeze:

Blended with pineapple, coconut milk and banana.
It reminds me of pina colada and the pineapple gives it a tangy taste so that the banana is not so heavy.
I can't wait to come back because this shop is conveniently located near the escalators!

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