Saturday, February 01, 2014

Chicken pot again from Supreme Restaurant

Supreme Restaurant (Causeway Bay)
I found out about this restaurant because I went to a tasting at their MK branch.
It was so nice that I went back again.

However at this branch, they don't seem to take telephone bookings when I phoned, when I got there, they asked if I booked so I said the person on the phone did not let me book.
Anyway, I did not abuse my authority as a reviewer because I could have simply called the Manager who gave me his business card to book.

Another reviewer who also went again anonymously was allowed to book but it was before a certain time.

This time they used the portable gas stoves which were much better at controlling the heat.

The amount of chicken in the pot was reasonable and it tasted as good as the tasting.

At the CWB branch, there are more snacks such as soups, salads and fried items.

The fried fish skin were delicious, they were crispy and had a strong fishy taste.

The only thing that the MK branch fared better was the seating because it was not so cramped.
There is a two hour dining time limit that starts counting when you sit down and they will present you with the bill half an hour before it ends but you can still continue eating until time is up.
Price: $1xx
Service: ~~
Yummy factor: ok
MSG levels: slight
Toilets: yes
Noise levels: Noisy
Glass of water provided: self service
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes

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