Thursday, February 06, 2014

A lovely Tavern for Taiwanese healthy desserts

Dined here ages ago in the sticky hot summer but never got round to writing this because the menu was in Chinese and the ingredients were Taiwanese which is hard to review in English.

Situated on the quiet side of Prince Edward lies this very Oriental themed dessert place that could be classified as Chinese style too because of the red painted walls, lanterns and dark heavy wood tables and chairs.

On the menu, there were three types of desserts:
-DIY with fixed options
-Hot desserts
-Desserts with fish maw

I like the DIY desserts where you have to choose main dessert from the choice of:
soy bean dessert, black soy bean dessert, black sugar slush or grass jelly.
Then you choose some toppings ranging from lotus seeds, pearls, glutinous rice etc.

Lastly you choose the final topping out of soymilk, black sugar water or black sugar slush.
I decided to get grass jelly as a base.

The grass jelly here is different to the usual ones which are cut into cubes.
Here they scoop it out so the grass jelly is a big chunk!

On the table the black syrup is separate so you can added your desired amount.

There is a tank of hot tea which was really good because it is good having Chinese with sweet desserts.

Fish maw jelly:

The fish maw jelly was really nice because it was not too sweet.
I would like the black sugar syrup to be served separately before they serve it so that I can try what it tastes like naturally without any flavourings.

There are pieces of fish maw in the jelly which are slightly chewy because it has been chilled.
My DIY dessert:
Dessert base
- grass jelly
- black sugar jelly
- wolfberry jelly
Dessert topping
- black sugar slush

The dessert was divine and they gave you metal spoons just like the one above which was useful for spooning the grass jelly because the texture of this grass jelly was tougher than the usual ones.
The black sugar slush was so refreshing because it melts into a sweet liquid when you eat it giving the dessert an extra boost of black sugar sweetness.
227 Desserts Tavern (Prince Edward)
Price: $8X
Service: OK
Service charge: no
Yummy factor: ok
Sweetness levels: customizable
Napkins provided: yes
Portion sizes: reasonable
Noise levels: No
Glass of water provided: tea was provided
English Menu: no
Air Conditioning: Yes

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