Thursday, August 14, 2014

A salute to the crab specialist

This place is famous for crabs but I never made it because it is better to go in big groups to share and secondly I am not an expert at eating crabs.

The restaurant is big and they have private rooms and karoake as well.

After this visit, I would love to go again because there are lot of crab dishes which you can manage easily without the trouble of deshelling it.
There is more to the menu than fried crab and it was great to see Heekee crab general come up with some creative new and delicious dishes.

Must order items are marked with ***
Steamed razor clams with garlic and glass noodles.

The clams were a bit chewy but I loved the glass noodles on top which are always the best because it absorbs the razor clam sauce and garlic.

This dish is new but I loved it because it was crab mousse rolls topped with rich crab roe and crabmeat sauce.
The mousse which had crab was enriched by the crab roe giving it a stong delicious crab taste and there is more crab roe sauce in the tomato!!
川鹵牛展 $68:

Did not try this.
***黑松露波菜汁蟹鉗 $68/位:
Crab claw in spinach and truffle soup.

I was really looking forward to this because it was a big chunky deshelled crab claw.
This dish probably didn't exist a few years ago because the ingredients and presentation are quite modern.
The crab was fresh and springy with a strong unami taste while the spinach and truffle complemented it nicely.
蟹肉燕窩羹 $108/位:
Thick crab soup with bird's nest.

Another bowl of soup with chunky pieces of crab and prized birds nest great for sharing.
The soup was light with lots of crabmeat, egg and minced pork which held to hold the soup together.
***黃金蟹蓋 $88‏:
Stuffed golden crab shell

The filling in the shell was infused with lots of curry and finely shredded spring onions which was just divine.
Another great dish for people who don't know how to deal with the crabshell.
喜記正宗避風塘炒蟹 一斤二兩 $360:
Hee Kee Typhoon Shelter style crab

The crab claw was cracked by the restaurant which made it more managable than I expected.
Each bite of crab was sensational flavoured by the salty and peppery spices.
椒鹽雙拼 $98:
Fried fish and squid

The fried fishes had a delicate crispy coating but the fish inside just melted in your mouth, however the squid was a little over done.
***招牌將軍令 $68/位:
Hee Kee general order

This was crabmeat patty shaped into a crab claw.
It is an option for people who want to have the Typhoon Shelter crab without the need of deshelling because it was surrounded with the fragrant crispy pieces as the Typhoon shelter crab dish.

The abalone was soft with rich oyster sauce.
士多啤利骨 $88:
Ribs in strawberry sauce

The ribs were juicy with a strawberry tang to it.
***蟹粉燴時蔬 $168:
Seasonal vegetables with crab roes.

A great dish of greens covered with thick crab roe sauce.

The noodles were a great carbohydrate filler for those who need to have rice or noodles to fill them up.
If you happen to order the Fried crab earlier with the crispy pieces of garlic and chili, save some for the noodles because they make a great accompaniment with the noodles.
Custard bun with molten filling

The custard buns were fluffy and soft with a rich starchy egg yolk filling in the middle without being too sweet.
HeeKee crab general:
Basement-G/F., 440 Jaffe Road,Causeway Bay

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