Sunday, August 17, 2014

King's Taste fit for a King

This restaurant is near the mid-level escalators just round the corner from Stanley Street.

I was really impressed by the food because it was different and very palatable for expats.
(The sort of food that you would get in Chinatown).

Drunken Chicken in Huadiao Wine

The bone in the chicken was removed which made it easy to eat.
It was chilled and presented nicely with a strand of Japanese noodle with a knot.
The chicken was cooling and tasty with a strong wine taste.
Hometown Mandarin Fish Salad

The fish was refreshing to eat because it was almost like a salad but it was savoury with a medley of coriander and vegetables.
Green Vegetable with Sesame Paste

This was lettuce rolled into a neat little bunch with a cucumber and sesame sauce drizzled on top.
The lettuce was sweet and crunchy with a sweet fragrant sesame taste when you ate you.
Braised Ham in Honey Sauce, served with Chinese Steamed Buns (4 pcs)

This was delicious, the Chinese steamed buns were white slices which you peel open and put the Chinese ham and crispy beancurd in the middle like a sandwich.
The ham was soft and sweet, while the crispy beancurd gave it an extra crunch while you ate it.
Braised Spare Ribs in Black Vinegar

Perfect ribs in sticky sweet vinegar sauce which had a really distinct wine fragrance.
Crispy Prawn in Salted Egg Yolk

I really enjoyed these because normally they are whole prawns but here they have made them into prawn balls which were evenly coated in rich salted egg yolk sauce.
They were crispy complemented by the pungent salted egg which had a lovely starchy texture.
Lamb Hind Shank with Spicy Salt

The lamb was interesting, it was surrounded with crispy garlic and chilis which reminded me of Typhoon style shelter crab that is cooked in a similar way.
The lamb was soft and came of the bone easily infused with cumin and garlic. The texture was a bit like duck shredded into strands and it did not have a gamey taste.
Signature Peking Roast Duck (Cooking time: 45mins)

This was my ideal Peking duck, the same as the ones in China Town where there is actually duck meat to eat!
Other places in Hong Kong just serve the skin which is so weird.
The pancakes were thicker compared to the ones I have tried before but here they serve it with melon sticks and pineapple sticks for the wraps as well as traditional cucumber and spring onion.
The taste of duck and pineapple were perfect together in the wrap because in Western cuisine duck is usually paired with pineapple or orange.
Deep-fried Mandarin Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce

The fish was lovely, it was crispy and silky with a lovely sweet and sour sauce that tasted just right.
Signature Xiao Long Bao (1pc)

The Xiao Long Baos do not come in a basket which is good because if you are dining alone or a small group then you can order the number you please.
Inside it was filled with tasty pork broth that was not too oily.
Steamed Sweet Cream Bun $26/pc (At least 2 pcs/order)

Cute fluffy and soft steamed buns filled with custard filling.
Souffle Egg White Balls with Ice Cream (2pcs)
(Available in dinner period only, serving time: 20 mins)

I was really full but these souffle egg whites were dreamy filled with froth mango icecream in the middle.
Dumpling in Soup with Sweet Wine Sauce
(off menu item, price not attainable)

The dumplings were chewy and sweet.
I really enjoyed the food here especially the Peking duck and it is a great place for expats.

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