Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Da Rong He debuts at the Mandarin Oriental

Da Rong He, an award winning Sichuan restaurant in China will be showcasing their dishes from 19th to 27th September 2014. Chef Wang Zheng Jing, co-founder and general manager of Da Rong He and his team of six chefs will be presenting a series of signature dishes.

During this period, there will be more than 25 different signature dishes on the à la carte menu and two special set menus.

Set menus are priced at HKD698* per person for the eight-course lunch menu and HKD1,480* per person for the ten-course dinner menu.

Recommended dishes are "Tea Smoked Duck", "Pickled Bamboo Shoot, Baby Ginger, Kale, Walnut", "Steamed Fish Head with Red Chilli" and "Wok Fried Fresh Abalone and Bean Sprout".

When I arrived at Man Wah, I was greeted with a beautiful oriental setting overlooking the harbour.

There is an exquisite octagonal room too for more privacy.

Here was what we tried:
Jellyfish head, black vinegar, chilli oil

The jellyfish head was scrumptious, each piece was crisp with a sweet taste complemented by the chili oil.
Bamboo pith, Sichuan peppercorn

The bamboo piths which are normally pale in colour were green because there were lots of finely diced peppers mixed into it but the taste was not as spicy as it looked.
Beef, offal, peppercorn and chilli oil

Did not try this.
Pickled bamboo shoot, baby ginger, asparagus lettuce, Morel mushroom, fox nuts, whelks, walnut.

This was a nice medley of vegetables and whelks which did not look spicy but it was quite spicy.
Glass noodle, braised pork, peppercorn and chilli oil

Each strand of noodle was perfectly rectangular and translucent, and it was packed with aromas and spices from the Sichuan pepper.
A definite must order if you can handle spicy food but be prepared for a strong tingling sensation after you eat it.

It also came with bread pockets because some people like to put the glass noodles in it.
沸騰魚 :
Chinese perch, peppercorn, chilli, hot oil

The bowl of chili looks deceiving, after removing the chilis, there are chunks of perch fish in the bowl.

The fish is silky and soft with a strong taste of peppercorn but the spiciness was surprisingly palatable.
Wok fried fresh abalone, bean sprout

This was stir fried bean tips from the beansprouts with fresh abalones.

There was a lovely charred soy sauce taste on the abalone and on the beans which had a lovely crunch and chew to it.
*大蓉和樟茶鴨 :
Tea smoked duck

A beautifully smoked duck with soft pink coloured meat and crispy crackling skin.
The taste was amazing and full of tea aroma.
開門紅 :
Steamed fish head, red capsicum, red chilli

The dish was stunning, covered with red capsicums contrasted by the green spring onions with the steamed fish buried beneath it.
Unfortunately, I found this too spicy, but there was a side of finely chopped greens to go with.

Steamed chicken pudding, bird’s nest

The texture of the pudding was just like tofu with finely grounded chicken mixed into it and theh broth was clear and oiless.
Rice congee, shrimps and chicken broth, sea cucumber, minced fish, taro

The congee came a in a beautiful Oriental ceramic dark blue pot.

The congee was divine and the best congee because it was golden orange infused with a strong prawn broth taste with pieces of fresh shrimp and pork in it refreshed by the taro pieces.
I loved the taro pieces because it did not have a starchy texture but a crisp and viscous texture.

Man Wah:
25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central

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