Friday, August 15, 2014

Burgered at Burger Deli

On my first visit, I did not try their burgers so tried them this time.

I was able to dine there because they have extended their opening hours.
Sweet potato fries:

Wow!! Sweet potato fries in Sai Kung!!
They were sweet and savoury with a crispy crunch.
Prawn burger:

The prawn burger was quite nice because there was a fair bit of prawns in the patty mixture.
It was on a bed of juicy tomato slices and lush lettuce which complimented it nicely.
Vegetarian burger:

As well as that I had their vegetarian burger which is rather unique compared to other places because it does not have a vegetarian patty but a huge portobello mushroom.
It has lettuce and tomato slices drizzled with hollandaise sauce.
The burger was simple and delicious with an earthy juicy mushroom that was filling and light.


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