Saturday, August 16, 2014

Creative sushi to take home!~

Every now and then I would pop into Sushi Take Out and see what they have.
Most of the times, there would be something interesting.

On this visit, I discovered Macarons but evidently they do sell because they are only $8 and you can see the Green Tea one is already sold out.

It seems that every branch stocks different items because some of the sushi I found here was not available at other branches.
Raisin and cherry warship:

This was ok as a dessert because it was sweet and creamy with some cream cheese as well as raisins and cherries.
It reminded me of the blueberry sushi at Naked gurame.
Yuzu pepper:

I was surprised that one of their warship flavours were made with yuzu pepper which was my favourite.
However the yuzu pepper could have been stronger.
Octopus warship:

The pieces of octopus were springy with sweet soy sauce taste.
Sushi Take Out (Tseung Kwan O)

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