Thursday, August 07, 2014

【La Forêt-Noire】

Black forest is always my favourite cake because of cherries and chocolate.

At Maxim's, they have launched a luxury version of the black forest cake called 【La Forêt-Noire】.

There are two sizes, the big one which weighs 1lb ($218) and a smaller one ($128).
*** Please note that the cherries on top may be replaced with other berries due to seasonal availability.***

To match the black forest cake, they have a specially designed box for it.

The cake is covered in thin chocolate pieces and garnished with a layer of cream and fresh cherries on top.

The cake contains French chocolate with a layer of Bavarois cream in the middle, and cherries soaked in wine.

There were layers of delicious chocolate cake in between.

It was such a delicious cake with all these layers with juicy alcoholic cherries, cream and Bavarois cream which tasted a bit like custard.

If the cake is too much for your sweet tooth, there is also a dessert version.

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