Tuesday, August 12, 2014

McScam x Earl Grey

Went to McCafe because of the new Earl Grey cake and the Earl grey jelly latte.

The Earl grey cake only costs $16 with the purchase of a drink from the Earl Grey series.

I didn't get a chance to check the bill because I was not given the bill, but since they gave me the wrong drink I had the bill reprinted and discovered that I was overcharged.

The rude biatch insisted that it was because the hot drink and cold drink costs different but I was not even on this issue.
The cake should have cost $16 not $2X.

Finally had the issue resolved when a smart senior spotted the problem.
Surely, special offers should be pre-programmed into their POS systems??!!!

Iced Earl grey jelly latte:

I was given the usual straw hence the jelly cubes got stuck!!!

The drink was a bit dissappointing because the Earl Grey taste was not strong enough.
Earl grey cake:

The Earl Grey taste was really artificial and the cake was too sweet.

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