Saturday, August 23, 2014

Exotic sausages - Beware or do you dare?

Craft and Brew is on the corner of Old Bailey Street with simple rustic decor and lots of beer taps.

I was really excited about Craft and Brew because they serve some really DIFFERENT sausages!!!!
It gave me the same excitement as BRAT did because they don't just serve ordinary meat sausages.
The selection is more exhilarating than BRAT with their EXOTICS range featuring:
Snake, rabbit and Jalapeno
Crocodile, wild boar and chili
Mexican buffalo nachos
roast duck and plum
Beef, chili and chocolate
Chicken, honey and macadamia
Roast duck and plum was obviously going to be delicious but as a daring foodie I had to try the Snake and rabbit.
I wanted to try the crocodile too but it has Wild boar which is basically pork.
As there were so many sausages, I came here a few times.

Snake and rabbit sausage:

To be honest if I did not know it was rabbit and snake meat I would have assumed it was a chicken sausage because the texture was like chicken and the colour was pale.
The snake and rabbit sausage was interesting because it was velvety and the Jalapenos gave it a lovely kick of spiciness.
For the sides, the beetroot relish was nice and sweet which was great with the spicy sausage and saukeraut is always good with sausage.
The potato salad was lovely and creamy.
Mexican lamb merguez:

The lamb was slightly gamey and chewy because they use fresh natrual casings.
Chicken, honey and macadamia:

I knew this going to be delicious but it was amazing because it was sweet and juicy and it had WHOLE macadamia nuts in the sausage.
Roast duck and plum:

The duck sausage was fun because it was like the East meets the West tasting like Peking duck.
Although I do not drink but they have almost every beer you would want.
There were two which I found interesting because of the names:
Dead pony and Dead frog!

For improvements, it would be great if they did not put the paper sheet beneath the sausages because when you cut the sausages you end up ripping the paper as well.

Craft and Brew:

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