Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vegetarian dim sum @ Kung Wo Tong

This tiny shop is well camouflaged on Hennessey Road but really stands out when you find it because of the white interior and the bright lights.

I didnt expect to get anything from there because I couldnt be bothered to study the drink choices but then I noticed a cabinet with steamed food inside.
On a closer look, the shao mai looked different and the dumplings were smaller in size too so I asked what was in the dumplings and they said all the steamed items in the cabinet were Vegetarian dim sums which was great!
No smelly pork and fat in the Shaomai! Great!

I ordered the shaomai and dumplings which were neatly boxed to take away and they were really cheap too.
The total came to $24.
The dumpling skin was really thick and dry, inside the dumplings were glass noodles, black fungas and it tasted quite grassy and gingery hence chili sauce or soy sauce is desperately needed.
From the photos you can see they have tried to make the dumplings healthy by using grounded wheat in the dumpling skin.
The ShaoMai tasted the best, it tastes like processed soy pieces used in Vegetarian dishes.
If there was sauce for it then it would have tasted perfect.
Overall the vegetarian dimsums were nice but I felt that I should have been given some chili sauce or soy sauce because the ShaoMai was dry and the Dumplings were bland.
They also had steamed buns and leaf wrapped Zhongzhi.

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