Friday, July 06, 2012

Lovely Lemon in Szechuan noodles

Usually people avoid restaurants with negative reviews but I went here because of the negative reviews.

I do not eat Sichuan hot and sour noodles because of the spicyness and the sichuan peppercorns but the noodles here have lemon which is not the usual ingredient for Sichuan hot and sour noodles, hence the negative reviews.

Anyway, I love lemon thats why I came here for it, same as the Tom Yum noodles at Happy Noodles in Happy Valley because the broth also has lemon in it.
Apart from the noodles, there were two other dishes of interest: duck in beer but for some reason, the Chinese name is called doggie duck!
The other interesting one was the rich soy sauce that came with the steak and the pork knuckles marinated in tea leaves {茶皇豬手}.
Sichuan hot and sour noodles
Please note if you like the authentic ones, these are not!
The only reason I liked it was because it was lemony and there was strong aniseed.
I felt that the sourness of the broth could have been stronger.
Also same as the reviews mentioned, the chili was added last when it was served which was great for me because I could spoon it out.
Pork knuckles marinated in tea leaves
These came with the noodles or you can order these separately on its own or with rice.
Again it was strong in spices and it was the first time to try pork knuckles marinated in tea leaves.
Duck in beer aka doggie duck
Not sure if this is Sichuan cuisine but the duck marinated in beer was interesting, but coincidently I went to Hutong Grill which seems to serve Sichuan items had this too.
However the beer taste was faint because there was too much sauce overpowering the duck.
The sauce was oyster sauce mixed with soy sauce.
Fried egg and pork shop with signature soy sauce
Got this because of the signature soy sauce, but when it arrived it just tasted like oyster sauce.
If you treat it as a gravy then its ok.

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