Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chili pomodoro sauce x Pineapple punch @ McDs

The new chili pomodoro sauce for the nuggets was launched so went there to try it.

This year the sauces are better, at least there are two that are not repeats: Chili pomodoro and BBQ chipotle.

Tried the pomodoro sauce and the new pineapple punch drink.
This is a negative review because of the chicken nuggets which I shall explain later.
Chili pomodoro sauce
I really loved this sauce and it was slightly spicy, there was herbs and onions in it as well although it is not listed on the ingredients list.
I can't wait until the chipotle one comes out!
Chicken nuggets
First I thought they were over done because they looked so dark, but after pressing them on tissue I realised it was old oil that made the nuggets dark.
You can see how old the oil is by the colour of the oil against the white tissue!
If it was fresh oil it should have been a lighter colour.
old orange oil
old orange oil
The taste of the chicken nuggetts were not that pleasant so I had to dip more sauce to balance out that rancid taste.
Pineapple punch
The pineapple taste was rather artificial.
Hot soy green tea
I have never tried the hot version of this drink so tried it.
I was really impressed because when you drink it, the foam and the soy tea gets mixed together and it makes the drink silky with fine bubbly foam.
Because it was hot the taste of soy milk was faint but the green tea was stronger.
However it was slightly too sweet!

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