Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cheese salad sandwich with almonds! @ Grove

I dislike the Wan Chai branch so went to this branch.

Here I bought the cheese salad sandwich because the cheese looked interesting, it was more orange in colour than the usual cheese. I wanted to get the prawn and peaches sandwich but the peach is probably canned ones so the salad one seemed more healthier.

Anyway, the cheese and salad sandwich tasted ok.
The cheese was processed cheese so it wasnt cheesy but it had an extremely creamy buttery taste, intially I thought they did not butter it evenly but it turned out to be the cheese.
As well as cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes I found SLIVERED ALMONDS!!!!!!!
Thats weird!
Overall the sandwiches here are quite westernised, but it still doesnt feel as authentic as Pret A Manger or La Rose bakery.
Some of the ingredients they use are so Chinesey and there are not many expats getting their sandwiches here which explains it!!

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