Friday, July 06, 2012

xclusif @ dis branch: Prawn tempura + No fotos WTF

Walked past this branch and saw this advert for the PRAWN TEMPURA BOWL WITH RICE so had that in mind to try.
However when I went to the Wan Chai branch and this other branch in Tseung Kwan O it was not offered.

Since I had to collect something in Mong Kong I went past again to see if it was still on promotion and it was so I went in for the PRAWN TEMPURA.

Went to the counter and ordered the Prawn tempura with rice.

After paying as I normally would do, I started taking photos of the menu, however the waitress said no photos were allowed, so I spoke to the manager and said I was a food blogger writing food reviews and asked if I could take a photo of the menu and I pointed specifically to which menu I would like to take a photo of but she said I should contact customer services.
First picture I took before I was told no more photographs!
An example of what I was going to photograph (from IVYCWKs review) but the food items were different.
Anyway, the reason I wanted to take a photo of that particular menu was because it had some exclusive items that are not in other branches of Yoshinoya.
I also asked about the Prawn tempura and she said it is only available in four branches in Hong Kong, this branch, Tung Chung and the other two I cannot remember.

I was quite surprised that photos of the menu could not be taken and I could not see any NO Photograph signs around.
If this is the case, they should sue every reviewer on Openrice that takes pictures and posts a review!!
I am posting pictures because I would like to share with people which is the point of writing a review and especially because some of their food items are exclusive items not many people have seen before.

Surely they would want people talking about their latest food items and getting more people to know, but it doesnt seem so in this branch!
I really do not understand what liability they are afraid of or what they are protecting themselves from.
I had already disclosed myself as a food blogger and my clear intentions I was going to write a review and specified the particular menu I would like to take a picture of....

Anyway, now about the food.

The bowl of rice was really big and on top were the usual sides of vegetables: beans, cauliflower and broccoli which were the frozen types defrosted, boiled and served.
There were four pieces of prawn tempura and a side of sauce.
It was good they separated the sauce because you can control how much sauce you want and the tempura remains crispy.
The prawns were quite nice but the tempura batter was too thick and it was not the real Japanese tempura batter.
But anyway, it is a good alternative to salmon and salmon roe with rice if you do not eat beef.

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