Monday, July 16, 2012

Old chengdu besides 老地坊 @ Landale Street

Found out about this new restaurant because there were so many hardcore reviews by fans who have just reviewed this place only and the menu was really interesting, there were so many things I have not heard of or tried.
When I visited this place it had just opened so only a few things were available.
Some of the portions were really small and there was a particular item I wanted to try but it was always not available. The item I wanted to try was the glutinous thing steamed on a leaf.
The dishes I have tried:
Dan Dan Noodles
The portion was small but it only costed around $2X.
The sauce was mostly at the bottom and needed mixing.
The spicyness level were medium in my point of view.
Green soup
This soup looked interesting so I ordered it, it was chopped mustard greens in thick clear soup topped with a few wolfberies.
The taste was quite grassy and I loved the bitterness of the green.
Cold noodles with chicken, sichuan style
Again, this only costs around $2X so the bowl was quite small but it tasted quite nice and the sichuan peppercorns were intense. The chicken was slightly tough and dry.
Glutinous rice balls in fermented wine
Again the portion was really dinky but I loved it, the sweetness was just right and the dumplings were really soft.
Fried glutinous rice rods
This dessert was really interesting, it was fried bars of mochi and they were uniformly rectangular, it was crispy on the outside and chewy in the centre coated with lots of yellow bean powder and drizzle with golden syrup.
Anyway I hope on my next visit they will have the steamed glutinous snack!

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