Monday, July 16, 2012

Impressive Chinese sausage roll by Maxim's bakery

Went past Maxim's and saw these sausage rolls which looked really nice so decided to get them.
I was really lucky because they just came out of the oven, had they not, they would have tasted totally different, the pastry would be hard and clumped together.

The appearance and filling is quite similar to an English sausage roll, however the pastry is slightly different and the sausage meat inside is different.
The filling here was quite nice, there was lots of herbs in it just like an English sausage roll, however the meat used was leaner which was good but not as soft as the English filling because less fat was used.
As for the pastry, there were less flakey layers than the English sausage roll and it smells different because the butter/ lard used was different.
That was why it tasted nice freshly baked because when it cools down the thick pastry becomes hard.
The major difference with Chinese pastries is that there is always a gaping hole in the middle between the filling the pastry.

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