Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prawn roe gravy with tofu!! @ Your Restaurant

There are so many signiature dishes to try here such as the the Shandong style chicken and Vinegar pork chops.

This time I resisted the temptation and tried the Tofu with prawn roe sauce which is also another signiature dish.
Tofu with prawn roe sauce
There were two types of tofu in this, the normal tofu and the tofu balls which are hollow in the middle, after the tofu balls are cooked, the tofu balls collapses into a soft chewy piece.
I really like this dish because the bland tofu gets its flavouring from the rich prawn roe gravy and the prawn roes in this dish are so generous!
In every spoon there are so much prawn roes in it that you can't see the sauce adhereing it together.
After eating most of the dish, you could see there was so much prawn roe left in the sauce!!
Tofu pudding
Although the other desserts here are amazing, the complimentary silky tofu is also amazing.
The tofu is the silkiest I have tried and it is so light that it floats on top of the syrup which is light and not too sweet.

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