Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Money money money @ 麥兆記(祖傳)廣州雲吞麵

This restaurant was previously Hess 61 where they served affordable abalone and I thought they were doing quite well until this shop replaced it.

This restaurant basically serves noodles and it originates from GuangDong which was surprising.
I used to think noodles and wontons originated from Hong Kong.

They have other branches in Happy Valley hence their expensive price range.
Branches in Happy valley
Branches in Happy valley
Nearly every item is chargeable on the menu.
Sat down and tea was placed on the table! Now if you want to leave the tea will cost you $15!!
$15 For tea only
$15 For tea only
Anyway, I ordered the noodles with prawn roe and the noodles with wonton.

When I ordered the noodles with prawn roe they asked if I would like oyster sauce and I was quite impressed because not everyone likes oyster sauce.
On a second thought although it was complimentary with noodles not served in soup, for other noodles it costs $5 extra for oyster sauce so it was a good way of them saving resources if people didn’t like oyster sauce (in other words "han fan la!!" - in Chinese!!).

For plain noodles it costs around $2X and for the noodles with prawn roe it costs $4x, so the prawn roe is worth $12!!
Overall the noodles were rather expensive which is ok if you dine in Happy Valley, but in Wan Chai it is slightly over priced, the interior could have been better but it was just the same as how Hess 61 left it, even the tables and chairs were the same.
I am not sure if they have a different menu during breakfast because they open at 7.30am!!!!
So just imagine eating expensive noodles for breakfast!!
noodles with prawn roe
Although it was quite expensive the noodles tasted nice because there was no alkaline taste and they were soft enough so I can see some slight competition for Wing Wah noodle shop ( down the road. It was quite nice because I dislike pork lard in noodles and there was none.
noodles with wonton
Same as the noodles above except that there was no prawn roe so the noodles really needed oyster sauce.
The wontons were nice but extremely tiny! They were as tiny as the wontons at Winton World, which specialises in mini wontons!!
Winton world:
The soup was quite nice but on the first sip it was strong pepper and sesame oil and then tones of yellow chives.
chili sauce
Nice and spicy but not impressed with black eyelash or whatever it was!

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