Thursday, July 19, 2012

Steamed dumplings with grass jelly drink @ 冰讚

Previously came here for dessert but now they have more options for lunch.
I was surprised to find out they have another joint near Brim 28.

Anyway they have extended their opening hours too.

The steamed dumplings looked good so I tried that, there are three types and I chose the seafood one. The dumplings tasted really nice but they were steamed for too long because the dumpling skin broke everytime you picked it up and the fillings fell out.
The filling were really nice, it had scrambled egg and prawns and the filling was filled with so much juice due to the steaming.
There was a sachet of vinegar with ginger sauce for the dumplings too which made it more appetizing. The dumplings came with a can of grass jelly drink which was good because it was not the boring Lemon Teas or HK beverages.
I found it too sweet but after diluting it the drink was really nice.

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