Monday, July 16, 2012

Fish burger @ Ma Sa Restaurant

I rarely bother ordering Chinese style burgers in Hong Kong because you just know its going to taste horrible because of the sweet buns and sauce, but from PangPangSang's review it seemed worth a try, so I went there again and ordered it and the Tofu with roast pork belly.
Tofu with roast pork belly: When I ordered I did not realised you could choose from normal tofu or the dried ones, so I ended up with the dried ones but if I had known I would have orderd the normal tofu which would be more filling and nicer.
The roast pork belly was good as well, it had crispy skin.
Overall the BBQ roast pork and roast pork belly is really good and I wonder if they roast them in house or get them from a local roast shop.
Fish Burger: I was really impressed with this fish burger, firstly the bun was not those standard ones used in Chinese restaurants and the sauce was really nice.
The bun's shape was similar to a brioche bun.
The fish filet had been fried just right and it was golden brown with tender white fish inside.
The lettuce as you can see was finely shredded.
I was also impressed that they gave me a knife and fork to eat the fish burger.

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