Saturday, July 28, 2012

Congee and the singing C-Opera waitor @ 潮城燒臘粥店

I was really surprised this place had an English menu.
Although it did'nt make sense but at least they put effort into it.
Ordered the congee, rice rolls with dried shrimps, rice roll with fried dough sticks and a soup.

When the the waitor bought over the soup, he sung out the name of the soup.
It just sounded exactly like Chinese Opera, but as there were some people from ChiuChow on that table they said it was ChiuChow style opera, anyway whatever it was, it all sounds the same to me.

seaweed soup
The seaweed was clean and there was no sand, however it was so hot, it needed cooling down.
There was lots of Chinese coriander and celery in it too.
It was nice however it was too salty
Tasted rancid and I did not like it
rice rolls with dried shrimps
Too soft and not cut properly.
rice roll with fried dough sticks
Tasted good with the soy sauce and bean sauce.
Overall the rice rolls depended on the sauces heavily but the sauces tasted watered down and tasteless.
The air conditioning was really annoying because it made the rice rolls cold as soon as it was served.

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