Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chinese style continental breakfast @ Grove

Decided to start trying breakfasts and comparing them so tried the continental breakfast here!

For some weird reason, the breakfast here and Tsui Wah both had fish, but according to Wiki, a continental breakfast consists of slices of cheese and cold meat, often with a croissant or bread roll, and a drink.

Anyway the breakfast here had:
scrambled eggs, crumbed fish fingers, Farmer Meatloaf with grilled tomato and garlic bread.
It was supposed to come with a drink but it was that nasty HK style milk tea so I did not bother having it.

Again realised it was another Western inspired Chinese joint because the items in the breakfast were rather weird such as garlic bread.
The meatloaf was so different to the ones I have seen in the UK, the one here was just like ham with herbs in it.
The fish fingers tasted rancid.
Lastly tried the chocolate dessert which was just a thicker version of Angel Delight/Whip the instant dessert mix you get in UK.

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